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Marley Bear and Pudgy Potato

I have 2 wonderful little dogs.


Marley Bear, my 7-year-old, is a Shih Tzu that was rescued from a puppy mill. He had kennel cough and they threw him away. I nursed him back to health and he’s been a model citizen ever since.

Pudgy Potato, my 3-year-old, is a Havanese that was rescued from drowning. He was very skittish we first adopted him, hiding under the bed anytime someone raised their voice even just a little, but he’s come a long way this past year.

Honestly, I wouldn’t change either of them.

Everyone that meets my two little critters comments on how they could be twins, but to me, they couldn’t be more different.

Marley is black and white, weighs 18 pounds, and is the sweetest, most sensitive dog I’ve ever known. He’s fearless and has a strong need to protect his family. He’s drawn to humans more than other dogs and loves to cuddle and be brushed.

Pudgy is silver and cream, weighs 12 pounds and still has most of his puppy brain cells. He’s still learning that it’s ok to join me on the couch and most nights, rather than sleeping on my bed, sleeps under my bed. His motivation in life is food. He’s drawn to dogs more than people, and runs away anytime I bring out a brush.

Before adopting a second dog, my biggest concern was that Marley would become territorial – no, that’s my human; my bone; my food bowl; my bed. But that never happened. Marley treats Pudgy like a beloved brother. They play perfectly together, tearing through my house, play growling and submitting one another. Even on walks, Marley, who is a trooper and will walk 5 miles – if you ask him to – will slow down to match Pudgy’s meandering gate. I joke that his legs are only 2 inches long, whereas Marley’s are 4, so we have to cut the little guy some slack.


I often take them to the park, both excitedly running out to my car, “Yay! Car ride!” Marley will stand by the side of little Honda, waiting to be picked up and put inside; Pudgy, meanwhile, will shove past and jump in on his own. Every time, I look at Marley and ask, “Why can’t you do that? You’re bigger than him.” But Marley will look at me with his beautiful brown eyes, which are slowly turning blue, with an expression that says, “Please, just do it. I don’t wanna talk about this,” until finally, sighing, I reach down and lift him up.

Once inside, all of Pudgy’s excitement disappears, but Marley is just getting started. Marley LOVES car rides. Pudgy tolerates them. Marley jumps all around the back seat, needing to see everything from every angle. Pudgy will sit calmly on the seat, sometimes floor, just waiting for the trip to be over.

In the end, we arrive, and they both want to tear out of the car. It’s time to PEE!!! Every dog that every lived anywhere, needs to know that my two have not only visited this park, but CONQUERED IT. Everything you see belongs to them and no other dog ever.

It’s adorable.



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